YYC to host 2021 LYRA Annual Regatta

The Youngstown Yacht Club was founded in 1931 and just 5 short years later hosted their first LYRA Annual Regatta. YYC credits hosting LYRA as one of the reasons for the Club’s success. In 1936, enthusiastic racers from Lake Erie sailed into the mighty Niagara River to attend the event. Struck by the prevalent natural beauty and exceptional sailing conditions, these sailors decided to stay, bringing to the Club a cadre of experienced sailors who were to provide much of the Club’s leadership for the next 40 years. Overnight, Youngstown became a power in Lake Ontario racing, and a sailing center for the Buffalo area. The Club has been increasing membership, improving facilities, and promoting racing and cruising ever since. YYC is excited to continue the tradition by hosting the 2021 LYRA Annual Regatta!