Attention Canadian Sailors

The Niagara on the Lake Sailing Club is blocking off dock space for Canadian boats wishing to participate in the Dyneema® CanAm/LYRA Race Week. The dockage will be available from Friday July 23 (check-in time) to Thursday July 29 (check-out time). They are holding these dates until Friday, July 16 at the end of the day. There is space for 6-7 35′ boats along their front wall and 5-6 30′ boats in their river finger docks. These slips will be let out as per normal reciprocal protocol. Unfortunately, there will be NO CAMPING this year. See the reservation page at:

Join us in Youngstown for a 10 day sailing extravaganza!

Time spent with friends is always well spent!

In July, 1971 I jumped onto my Grandfather’s C&C 35 mk1, and set off for my first LYRA. It was in Toronto, at the Island Yacht Club. I was barely 13.

I think that, my father Skip was proud; I know that my mother was terrified.

A whole new world was opened to me.

Two-years later, In 1973, LYRA was a port-to-port style event along the North Shore clubs. Race=>party, race=>party. It was heaven for a 15-year old.

What was LYRA in those days?
We got onto boats with our families and friends and spent a week +/-.We did deliveries (some call them transports). It is amazing how simply getting a sailing vessel from point-A to point-B can create so many epic memories; many still discussed to this day.

We did races of character and depth. There were bloopers and triple-slotting (a lost art for sure), to keep the whole team busy, for hours on end. We had line squalls, Northern Lights and St. Elmo’s fire.

We visited many clubs on Lake’s Ontario and Erie. Some were big and fancy; others, small and folksy. From these clubs, we grabbed their best ideas and brought them home to make them our own.

Most importantly, we made friends. We reinforced old friendships. We traded crews, boats and skippers. These are our ‘LYRA’ friends. These are our friends.

Now; we tend to focus on banging off quick races around a windward-leeward course. 45 minutes is the target time. That is OK too.

On July 23, 2021, deliver (transport) your boat to Youngstown. 

July 24th and 25th, enjoy 2-days of the great course-racing that the YYC is famous for, at the CanAm Regatta.

Monday, July 26th, sail in the 18 mile ‘feeder to the Founders’ fun race from Niagara to Olcott. No prizes, just for fun. What happens in Olcott that night; stays in Olcott

Tuesday, July 27 there are (3) feeder races: 
CENTENNIAL Cup: Rochester to Niagara
FOUNDERS SOUTH: Olcott to Niagara

On Wednesday July 28th, we have late-afternoon starts for the Freeman Races:FREEMAN SHORT: 61 Nautical Miles, Niagara=>Olcott=>Niagara (R2)=>Olcott=>NiagaraFREEMAN LONG: 106 Nautical Miles, Niagara=>Oak Orchard=>Niagara (R2)=>Olcott=>Niagara

Finally, more course racing:
July 30-Aug 1: Three-day course racing
July 31-Aug 1: Two-day course racing

It is going to be like an olde time LYRA on steroids.

So on July 23, get on your boat with your family and friends and spend a week.

Kevin Doyle, YYC LYRA Chairman
These will be the moments that turn into memories you’ll look back and smile on.

YYC to host 2021 LYRA Annual Regatta

The Youngstown Yacht Club was founded in 1931 and just 5 short years later hosted their first LYRA Annual Regatta. YYC credits hosting LYRA as one of the reasons for the Club’s success. In 1936, enthusiastic racers from Lake Erie sailed into the mighty Niagara River to attend the event. Struck by the prevalent natural beauty and exceptional sailing conditions, these sailors decided to stay, bringing to the Club a cadre of experienced sailors who were to provide much of the Club’s leadership for the next 40 years. Overnight, Youngstown became a power in Lake Ontario racing, and a sailing center for the Buffalo area. The Club has been increasing membership, improving facilities, and promoting racing and cruising ever since. YYC is excited to continue the tradition by hosting the 2021 LYRA Annual Regatta!